Introduction to Mediterranean Archaeology

Work: Assignments and Grading

Biweekly Quizzes (Mondays): 10%

We will have quizzes every two weeks on key concepts. This is to keep knowledge and skills active in your brains as we progress through the course. These quizzes will also help prepare you for the midterm. Click here for answer keys.

Participation and Labs: 20%

Participation includes showing up for weekly labs and taking part in the exercises; any lab exercises that you hand in; participating in class discussions. Click here for my guidelines on class participation.

Midterm Exam (Week 8): 30%

This midterm will focus especially on the first part of this course, namely the methods and principles of archaeology. There will be some content on Mediterranean archaeology that we have covered thus far. Click here for review.

Final Project: 40%

We will discuss this project in the second half of the semester. It will involve a problem-oriented approach to a particular Mediterranean site or class of artifacts. Research and written communication skills will be key components for assessment, although I am open to more creative methods of presentation. Click here for guidelines.