Themes and Objectives

Objectives of the Course:

  • Gain a broad familiarity with the archaeological remains of the Greek world from the Bronze Age to the Roman Period along with their historical context
  • Gain a broad familiarity with different sources of evidence for understanding the ancient Greek world, and how these pieces of evidence intersect with one another
  • Learn to be critical of the sources, both material remains, texts, and even landscapes/environments - what can they tell us and what are the limitations of each?
  • Know and be able to discuss some of the major arguments concerning different periods, sites, and archaeological remains of the Greek world
  • Understand ancient Greece in its broader historical and geographical context

Themes of the Course:

  • Greece as place/landscape
  • Geopolitics and human cultural geography
  • Narratives (mythology), stories that have “cascaded” down history
  • The ancient body (embodiment)
  • Regional archaeologies and long-distance
  • connections
  • Art & Architecture: importance in the ancient world and modern day
  • Material remains and their intersections with texts - how do we use different sources to understand the past?
  • Archetype(s) of “Greekness”
  • Military, wealth, power
Palace of Phaistos, Crete